LipiScan Dynamic Meibomian Imager

The first dedicated HD meibomian gland imager designed for efficiency and versatility.

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With a small footprint and user-friendly design, the LipiScan™ with Dynamic Meibomian Imaging™ (DMI) was designed to make high-definition meibography accessible for any practice.

The durable yet lightweight device was designed for workflow maximization and easy integration into busy practices. Both lower eyelids can be imaged in about a minute.

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How LipiScan Works

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    Workflow maximization with fast capture of meibomian gland images

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    Small footprint and lightweight (25 lbs) for optimal versatility

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    Fast and intuitive operation for seamless integration into routine workups

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    Affordably priced to furnish small practices or multiple locations

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    Renders high-definition image of meibomian gland structure

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    Gland Images Available for Export as PDF

Dynamic Meibomian Imaging

Meibomian Glands in High-Definition

Dynamic Illumination

Surface lighting originates from multiple light sources to minimize reflection.

Adaptive Transillumination

Changes to the light intensity across the surface of the illuminator compensate for the lid thickness variations between patients.

Dual-Mode DMI

A combination of Dynamic Illumination and Adaptive Transillumination offers an enhanced view of meibomian gland structure.

LipiScan Advantages


Quickly image both lower lids in about 60 seconds.


Light weight; small footprint.

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